Explore Lefkada

Photographing Lefkada is a beautifully designed eBook which guides you to the most beautiful locations on the island of Lefkada (also known as Lefkas and Levkas).

This largely undiscovered gem of the Greek Ionian Islands is a paradise for travel and landscape photographers, with idyllic picture postcard beaches, dramatic mountains and rugged coastlines.

Professional photographer Jon Barker has visited Lefkada for over 20 years, and the Photographing Lefkada project is a culmination of this long association with the island and it’s character.

Photographing Lefkada provides the insider knowledge and detailed guidance you need to find the undiscovered and off the beaten track locations that will make your visit to Lefkada truly memorable, whether you are a dedicated landscape photographer or simply have a sense of adventure and a drive to discover all of the natural beauty Lefkada has to offer.

Photographing Lefkada features rich and immersive content, including stunning high definition video, multi-touch image galleries, packaged in a sleek modern design, and carefully curated to give you an insider’s guide to the must-see  locations right off the plane.


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A Local Guide In The Palm of Your Hand

Featuring lovingly designed content curated by a team of professional photographers, Photographing Lefkada is your personal  guide to the most beautiful locations on Lefkada.  This complete and comprehensive guide gives you the research and information you need to find the un-missable sights of Lefkada (Lefkas) right off the plane.

Discover Lefkada in a series of chapters, each with crisp, high definition video introductions, and multi-touch image galleries featuring world class landscape photography to whet your creative appetite.

With your creative inspiration fired up and ready to go, read the helpful location notes, which advise on practical information such as the best times to visit, equipment advice for accomplished photographers, detailed maps with GPS information to help you get there.