Yes! We love helping people create that perfect lasting memory of Lefkada. We’re working on making prints available for online ordering and configuration, but we want to get this 100% right and user friendly. In the meantime please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can help create your perfect piece of art in whichever style and format you prefer. We’ve created bespoke prints for a number of customers, from postcard size glossy prints, to acrylic mounted metallic prints (these make colours look amazing) the size of a wall!

No!  Photographing Lefkada is a guide to the most beautiful locations on the island, which can of course be experienced by anyone – camera in hand or not. The guide works just as well for those with a point and shoot or mobile phone camera as it does for those who have more sophisticated equipment such as a DSLR camera.  The guide was put together with photographers in mind because they (and this includes the Photographing Lefkada team!) tend to be eager to seek out the lesser known and ‘off the beaten track’ locations in order to find undiscovered beauty for their images.

Photographing Lefkada is an eBook (an electronic book) created for iBooks on your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. It’s a digital guide to the island of Lefkada, one of the Greek ionian islands popular with international visitors due to it’s impressive scenery and warm hospitality.   Photographing Lefkada focusses on guiding the reader to the most stunning and beautiful locations on the island that don’t necessarily feature in the usual tourist information. If you want to see the lesser known and off the beaten track beauty spots then this is the guide for you!

Photographing Lefkada is currently available for Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac devices via the iBooks Store in English, and for Android devices via the Google Play Store in English.

We are working to bring Photographing Lefkada to more platforms and languages.  Please tell us about your device and preferred language below:


Photographing Lefkada is available now for iPhone, iPad and Mac via the iBooks Store.  Use the button below to jump straight to the store, where you can buy the book, or download a free sample chapter.

Go to Photographing Lefkada on the iBooks Store

Don’t have iBooks?  You can download the Apple iBooks app free from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Mac.  Here’s a 30 second video on how to do it:


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